Samstag, 26. November 2011

Beachfront Residence by Abiss


PREFAB NAME:  Beachfront Residence - PG or MATURE version
What you see is what you get. Main difference between PG and Mature prefab version is in animations- Mature version has sex animations included in furniture,
while PG version has regular sitting animations and cuddles only
PRIM COUNT: Skybox version - 888 Ground version - 883
Deleting some deco objects or dock can decrease prim count, that's always an option. 
 SIZE: Ground version 68x64.8 Skybox version 93.3x64.8  ( with bonus mesh Dock )

- SPECIAL EDITION* furnishings including the following:

   Balance Bed x1 ( modify/transfer permissions )
   Qubiss Sectional ( transfer ) 
   Tanto dining table ( copy permissions )
   Tanto dining chair  ( copy permissions )
   Bar stools ( copy permissions )
   Cadenza patio sectional x1 ( transfer permissions )
   Cadenza patio chair  (  copy permissions )
   Cadenza central table ( copy permissions )
   Envy hot tub x1 ( transfer permissions )
   Chorale tub ( transfer )
   Bar props - bottles, glasses etc. ( copy permissions )

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